Corri McDowell

I roll through life at 100 miles an hour and came to yoga as a way to manage the ‘white noise’ and find some headspace, whilst working in the city as a lawyer! I have been practising yoga for over 15 years but it was only in 2016 that I decided to undertake my yoga teacher training, which I quickly followed up with my advanced 500hr teacher training.

I have tried and practised a myriad of different yoga styles over the years and to be honest it is the connection with the teacher that is most important to me rather than being dogmatic about the discipline.

I class myself as a vinyasa flow teacher but I have both ashtanga and iyengar in my rear view mirror.  However, I now understand the need for rest and restoration, my favourite pose being savasana so you will often find me in a yin or yoga nidra class.

One of my primary teachers is Jason Crandell, so my physical practice tends to focus on anatomy, alignment and breath.

During a class with Corri, students can expect solid flowing movement practice, that connects the body to the mind through the use of movement and breath. I like to break postures down and work through the ‘how’ of a pose to enable students to find their own level and work beyond and through that in a safe and supported way.

The mindfulness element of yoga is really important to me – it is why I started and ended up becoming a yoga teacher.  It keeps me grounded, in control and present so you will also get some breathe work and a long savasana (deep relaxation) in my classes.