I stepped into my first yoga class in Westport, Connecticut in 2001. I immediately fell in love with the way the class made me feel. I fell head over heels for yoga. Maintaining a regular practice with my Kripalu trained teachers for eight years before moving to the UK.

Once in Cheltenham I continued my practice at a local studio and developed a home practice. I then embarked on teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga.  Over 500 hours and a few years later, diploma in hand I started to teach public classes.

My love of yoga and it’s benefits led me to do further training in pre-natal yoga, yin yoga, meditation, well woman yoga and multiple restorative yoga trainings. I love to learn and gain wisdom from teachers who have a deep wealth of experience and knowledge.

In my classes you can look forward to a relaxed and light hearted approach linked with deeper aspects of practice. My classes are anchored in connection to your breath. I encourage breath to guide you through gentle and dynamic movement. You’ll feel spacious, strong and connected to a deep peaceful centre. Step out of the studio feeling energized and calm.