Pawel Goc

I love yoga for its ability to bring our mind to focus on things we miss in day to day life and its rushed moments we miss attending to our duties. I find space in my body, my breath and my mind and then I come back to my duties with fresh, new perspective and often a smile, sometimes earned through some tears. :)

I used to dance a lot (including breakdancing) and love music, hence I like yoga to be fun and engaging. I started with classical Hatha when I was 18 and felt in love with breath practices, meditation and insight into ones mind. I returned to Yoga after a decade in my 30s and found Ashtanga Vinyasa as my personal preference.

My classes are a fun mix of contradictions, definitely Vinyasa, but breath is there as a pillar and so are some lovely asanas held for a tad longer than the voice in the head would approve of! ;)